The First Green Growth of Spring


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This is what I long for, what I wait for all through the long months of November, December, January, through the fog and the rain, through the grey. Today, here she is, softly calling my name with the warm sunshine through my window at work, whispering to me in the white blossoms suddenly burst forth on the trees. Singing through the baby yellow daffodil faces popping open. Spring.

This moment, this very first moment of the new season, when everything is potential, this is my absolute favorite time of the year. It all lies ahead, all the warm weather, the flowers, summertime. Just like the first day of vacation is the best day, so it is with spring. And the very beginning of spring, she is, simply, heaven.

Whatever may lie ahead of us, here she is, again. So thankful.

(This post's title? One of the meanings of Chloe.)

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