Hi and welcome!

I'm Chandra Bourne, a serenity loving introvert living in a busy house with my husband, Ron, our decidedly extroverted tween daughter, Chloe, and our admittedly spoiled and boisterous pit bull mix rescue, Teddy. I'm the twenty plus year owner of Cast Images Talent Agency, and definitely at my most content with an iced tea, some shade and a great book.

This is my space to share the little things that really are the big things, and to connect with other women who, hopefully, will become friends.  Mostly I just want to appreciate this life as it blazes by, and capture a bit of it on the page.

If you are new here, please do start with a few of my favorite posts...

Meet my big hunka love Teddy when he was just a pup (and before I realized what a Dennis-The-Menace like boy he really is) in Gotta Love a Rescue Dog.

Help me wrestle with explaining the modeling business and all of its unrealistic standards in On Female Beauty. Sometimes being an agent leads to some interesting conversations...

Visit the 1970s world of banana seat bicycles, a goat named Billy and a puppy named Dreamy in Before The World Became Real.

Take a little imaginary visit to the South of France with my, oh so much younger, model self in To Be Twenty Again.

And, finally, a reminder of  how important it is to be kind in On Being Gentle With Yourself.

Thank you for visiting...I look forward to getting to know you! 


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