Let's Do it! "Get Real on The Internet" Week

Having a little down time browsing all the pretty pictures on Pinterest when a cute little black lab on a laminate floor grabs my eye...mostly because, although he is adorable, it's not the normal professional gorgeous photo that Real Simple typically posts.

Turns out it's a link to a rallying cry, a shout out for us all to "Get Real on The Internet."

Anyone in?

The idea is, for just one week, to post the real, unvarnished truth on social media. Now, I'm a big fan of looking on the bright side, and God knows I love a pretty picture, but I also have fallen prey to feeling badly when I see glimpses of "friends" lives that look far too perfect and that make mine seem sadly diminished by comparison. And I do remind myself that it's always a curated vision, just a snapshot, and that we all post the best of what we have.

But, today, let's not. This week, let's try something different.

So, in the spirit of getting real, here's what's happening at my house.

Hot dogs for dinner. And canned baked beans. I convinced myself that the blueberries and oranges evened it out.

Ron, Chloe and I on the sofa, each on our separate electronic devices. I'm writing this, but hey, previously, yeah, Pinterest. Chloe is playing Alpaca World and Ron is perusing his Twitter feed. Teddy is asleep on his dog bed and he's kinda stinky, frankly. There's laundry to put away, and a kitchen to clean up, and a big long list of things I could be productive at.

We're all in our sweats and jammies, and it's not even seven o'clock.

Actual Unretouched No-Filter Photo

And how is your world?

Come on, it will be fun! Tell me you're in...

This post inspired by 
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  1. I love me a good bandwagon! I'm in ;)

  2. Ronbo The MagnificentJanuary 14, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Don't like those tight jeans. Don't want to fight jeans. I'm in my jammie pants. I'm in my jammie pants...

    1. You had better be careful...if there is a husband day, that video is UP.


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