My New York

You never know when you are going to fall in love. My latest crush, New York City. For the obvious reasons, yes, but also for all of these small moments that brought such delight.

This incredible beaded beauty in the 30 Roc building.

My favorite Upper West Side brownstone on my walk to the subway.
I just wanted to move right in.

The way I'd turn a corner and happen upon a park, over and over again.

Cupcake carts. Pretty self explanatory.

Random spots of loveliness.

Central Park. More than a crush. I find myself fantasizing a life where I can somehow visit every day.


And I pretty much wanted to crate up the whole ABC Home store.

Cute dogs everywhere.

Except not on the lawns.

Maybe this was me in a previous life. I sat a spell on her bench just in case.

Zabars. So many choices. So little space.

They say you should spend your money on experiences. I think I'm ready to agree.


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