A School Visit, Bark, and Remembering Joy

Sometimes in the daily busyness of Cast Images, I forget the sheer joy that can exist in this business. I had a couple of great reminders this week, and ah, they were such treats.

NowThisLife.com - Natomas PFAA

First, we had Chloe's school visit at Natomas PFAA (Performing and Fine Arts Academy). The day started out in the beautiful Benevenuti Performing Arts Center, with a performance by PFAA's dance company...a flowing, jumping, joyful group of girls in white lace dresses and sashes, a few boys lifting them, and so many smiles. My heart nearly burst watching their youthful exuberance. With Chloe sitting beside me, all I could think was, Ah, this is what I want for you my girl. The joy of performing, the joy of being in your body, moving and leaping and grinning. The joy of doing what you love, of finding who you are.

NowThisLife.com - Natomas PFAA

Later we had a terrific, if rainy, tour of the school, where we saw kids creating large Dr. Seuss murals in the black box theatre room, up on ladders, paint brushes in hand, with a teacher who was so enthusiastic about the whole process and generous enough to share it with us. We also met a history teacher who expressed his views of the school to us, especially focusing on the welcoming aspect of the student body...that there are all kinds of people there, and they accept each other. So good to see kids in an environment where the arts and individuality are respected and encouraged; so good to hear from instructors and administrators who want the kids to become fully who they are supposed to be.

NowThisLife.com - Natomas PFAA

Then, another night this week, we went with friends to see Bark at the Sacramento Theatre Company. Everything you want a musical to be...full of life, poignant and funny, with first rate performances by actors who were obviously thrilled to bring their doggie characters to life. I watched one of the kids with us, his shining face, his eyes moving from performer to performer and back again, his big smile, and I watched my girl looking back at me and laughing into my eyes at the funny parts, and I remembered just what theatre, what acting, can be. That when it is done well, it gives so much joy to both the actors and the audience. That it's not just booking a commercial, or getting an agent in LA, or getting our people to castings. There is truly life there, there are amazing gifts to be had. So good to remember. (Bark extended their run through February 24th, and tickets are still available. Dog lovers, do not miss this one.)

NowThisLife.com - Bark The Musical

Today, after this wonderful and expansive week, I turned in Chloe's application to PFAA with a wish glowing in my heart. A wish for her to find that joy, to grow into the young woman she is meant to be, and, of course, for me to be privileged to witness the remarkable journey awaiting her.


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