A Midtown Walking Minute

Sometimes, taking a walk during the middle of the day is completely necessary to avoid falling asleep at my desk in a big crumpled heap, or, on another sort of day, killing someone. I'm thinking that both of those things are probably best avoided.

Today, a little walk was mandatory because the sun was out. In February. A few minutes to soak up the light, take a few pictures, and smile.

I love working in midtown.

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  1. I too miss midtown Sacramento, My best memory was the bunch of homeless guys who used our outdoor electrical connection under the back stairs of our office to plug and electical frypan... and proceed to cook up the most amazing breakfast goodies. Sizzling bacon, pancakes etc. They had the best breakfast parties ever.. I wish I had had the courage to join them... but it taught me that even in difficult times, there is still fellowship and mutual support.

    1. I love this midtown story! We have quite a few homeless folks around 26th & J...but unfortunately most of them are mentally ill and not in any shape to be making themselves great breakfasts. It's heartbreaking.


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