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PrettyYummyFoods.com - Melissa Vanni - Tortellini Soup
I do like cooking. I just don't enjoy HAVING to cook. Which, unless I want to eat out every night or have my family subsist on frozen pizza, I pretty much need to do. One thing that helps immensely is having new recipes to try out, and it's such a bonus when they turn out to be delicious too.

Food blogs are a great source of ideas, and I absolutely love the step-by-step instructions, complete with beautiful photos at each step. It adds that little dollop of creativity to my evening that makes everything better.

In the sea of food blogs out there, I come back again and again to Pretty Yummy Foods. It's written by Melissa Vanni, who just happens to be one of our models at Cast Images. The beautiful mom of four, yes four, sons, she writes about the food she cooks for her family, adds wonderful little stories to accompany each recipe, and takes gorgeous photographs to boot. Everything is accessible and appealing.

Melissa stopped by the agency to take some digitals today for a client, and we got to chatting about her Tortellini Soup recipe. I mentioned that I really wanted to make it, but needed to buy spinach, and she suggested kale instead. Well, that I already had in the fridge, so Tortellini Soup it was for dinner tonight. I added in some cooked chopped up sweet potato instead of the mushrooms, because I'm the only one in the house who likes mushrooms, and squeezed in two Meyer lemons because, well, I need to use them up.

And, delish.

As a bonus, the house smells like I've been cooking all day.

Thanks, Melissa.


  1. You are too sweet Chandra! I am so glad this soup worked for you and I love that you substituted sweet potatoes for mushrooms! Good call! Hope you have a good weekend & I hope to see you again soon!

    1. Having it for lunch again today:) I wish I had your photography skills!


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