Book Trances and Written Treasures | The End of Your Life Book Club

Ah, books. My great friends. What better moment is there than opening the cover to that very first page, that opening sentence? All possibility lies ahead. A world beckons. Bliss.

Tonight, The End of Your Life Book Club. About half way through, I had to physically stop myself from continuing lest I drown. That happens to me often, that all encompassing trance. Only my complaining lower back pulls me out.

Today, also, Notes from a Dragon Mom, by Emily Rapp. So heartbreaking, and so beautiful. The lovely Alice Anderson, luminous writer herself, shared this New York Times essay on Facebook, following another post last night spreading love and light for the author and her son, Ronan. May the soon to be released The Still Point of the Turning World spread Ronan's spirit wide and far. I so look forward to reading their story.

I truly cannot imagine my life without books, without writers, without their written worlds. They are my never ending treasures.

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