A Letter To My Girl

To my sweet girl,

I know you are nervous about applying to the Performing Arts School and I completely understand the fear of getting so excited about something and then being disappointed when it doesn't happen.

But if I know anything, I know this. You must take risks in this life. You must be brave. You absolutely have to go after what you want.

Keep your mind focused on the best future you can imagine. Picture yourself walking the hallways of your new school, putting on your skinny jeans and cute hoodie (no uniforms!) and going from class to class when the bells ring. Picture wonderful teachers who inspire you to learn and great new friends who appreciate what a warm and caring person you are.

See yourself in drama class, going through the exercises with a group of kids who are like you, who want to perform and create and grow. Feel yourself in the dance studio, hear the music, feel your body stretching and moving. Smell the paints in art class, feel the chalk under your fingernails, touch the blank canvases in your mind. Visualize yourself laughing with friends, eating in the cafeteria, getting your books from your locker. Imagine all the new things you'll learn about math, all the fun new books you'll be introduced to...maybe they'll even be as good as "A Dog's Life"! Think how it will feel to be excited about school, to look forward to going each day. To know that you have a home and a community of people where you belong.

And now, when you can see all of that strong and true, write it down. Write your application essay with a big smile on your face and a warm glow in your heart. Write your heart out little one, in that writer's voice that is all yours. That voice filled with humor and honesty and love. That voice that shows the world what a wonderful and kind hearted girl you are.

And then, once you've done your work, let's seal the application envelope and let it go. Because Chloe, all we can do in this life is show up, do our best work, and then leave the rest up to the universe, to God, to fate. Your job is done at that point.

Go to sleep that night with the wonderful feeling that you have done your best. Say a little prayer and hope for something fantastic. And know that the future might just be even better than you can imagine.

My girl, that school will be lucky to have you. I cannot wait to see what you become.

I love you Chloe, and I believe in you. You will always have my heart.



  1. Oh mommy, one thing I have to say,
    I love you so so so so so so so much.

  2. Wishing you all the best, Chloe!!! Your Mom is right; that school will be lucky to have you. So excited for you! <3


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