In The Spirit of Thankfulness

Tomorrow, the formal feast of Thankfulness. But today, I just want to appreciate a few little things that make me happy, in the spirit of being thankful every day.

This morning I woke up to this loveliness outside my bedroom window. Overnight, she turned from green to this magnificent waterfall of color.

Okay, this one really is a little thing. But a cute mantle never hurts in my happiness department.

A berry filled fall wreath on the front door, ditto.

I always look forward to the lemons coming in. And this year brings an especially lush bounty.

Chloe and I made a Thankfulness tree. My kind of crafty project...quick, simple, and with just enough stamp action to feel a little Martha-like.

Picked up this cute little Starbucks ornament...perfect size for McKenna. But the thing I'm really thankful for here is that my girl is still young enough to love her dolls. It's a phase I am in no hurry to pass through.

My other girl can still, just, manage to get onto the bed. I was able to get a photo because, being pretty much deaf, she sleeps so soundly. Old dog, sleeping. Not so physically beautifully anymore, but her heart shines through her eyes and she still gives the world's softest kisses.

And, finally, Chloe's laughter. Because, really, what could be nicer?

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of joy.


  1. My sister and I also loved our dolls for a very long time. I am so thankful that our mom didn't encourage us to grow up too fast! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Chandra!!

    1. Thank you Melissa. Everyone scarfed down the cauliflower carbonara--I think Chloe even actually ate a few bites of the cauliflower! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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