Summer Solstice

Always something wonderful when I walk around our neighborhood.
Tonight I took my camera along and tried to capture a bit of it.

Fairy Garden in the shade of these branches.

Our geese.

Pretty light.

The plants always captivate me. Spun sugar dandelion fluff.

I walk for exercise, yes. But also, mostly, for sanity. To clear my cluttered brain, to be in the moment, to catch up with the geese and the growing goslings, to see a glimpse of a muskrat, to say hello to the neighborhood dogs. To see the seasons change, every day, those small changes that add up to the years' passing. 

Full thrall of summer now; the crepe myrtles are starting to bloom. They're the last ones to flower and although I love their firework froth, I have a hard time appreciating them as I'd like to. To me they mean Summer Solstice and Summer Solstice brings the retreat of my beloved light. I know I'm smack in the middle of the longest days of the year but they are tinged with the knowledge that fall is relentless in its' coming.

But right now, today, I must rejoice. Summer. Sun. Warmth. Daylight. Isn't that always my task? Be here, now.

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