Playing Model For a Day

One of the perks of my job is knowing wonderful photographers and having family photos taken over the years by these talented people. Chloe's been photographed by my dear friends Beth Baugher and Kelsey Edwards several times, starting when she was just four months old. Each time I really have to gear myself up to shoot...it's a lot of work, especially back when Chloe was little and not that excited about the whole process. But I treasure all of those beautiful photos and I'm so glad that I've made myself continue the tradition. I've also been sure to have pictures taken with me in them, and with Ron and my Mom too. So often we take eight million photos of our kids, but us Moms are nowhere to be seen. It can be tough to watch yourself age in this way...each time we shoot there are more lines on my face and bigger bags under my eyes, and I get a little blonder! (Luckily, there is the miracle of Photoshop and I can soften things a bit.)

This year, I was very eager to have Chloe shoot with Victoria Bradley, who does such a beautiful job on our lifestyle models at the agency. She really has a way with tweens and I was super excited to have her work her magic on my girl.

After waking up early to blow out Chloe's eight tons of hair and straighten all of it, I packed our trusty orange Saturn with lots of outfits and snacks, and we made our way to the Marin Headlands where we met Victoria and her assistant, Rachel. Despite my best Mapquest directions, I managed to take the wrong exit and get lost and flustered. Luckily Victoria was gracious enough to drive to where we were and lead me in to the location. There we were greeted by the fog rolling over the mountains, a curvy drive up the Headlands, and finally by the picturesque Presidio Riding Club with its stalls filled with gorgeous horses, friendly horse people, and an adorable shaggy terrier. Chloe got a little lipgloss and blush and then to be a star for the day.

If you don't know Victoria, you should. She makes everyone so comfortable, and has such a gentle and calm way about her. Parents and models always rave after shooting about what a great day they had, and we felt exactly the same way.

I took some photos throughout the day, and thought I'd share them with you to show a little of what goes on behind the scenes at this type of shoot, and then what the finished product looks like. It's a great testimony to what a talented photographer can do.

I was so proud of Chloe this whole day. All those years of shooting have paid off...she's very comfortable and happy in front of the camera and loves the process. She was also a major trooper in the extremely cold and windy beach weather. We had a special day together and now we have gorgeous photos too.

It also was a great reminder for me of all the sacrifices our agency parents make to get their kids to auditions and bookings...in time, energy, money and love. A big thank you to them for being the amazing people, and parents, they are.

Very glamorous hair prep
Archie and Chloe
Victoria shooting
A little touch up 
On the (cold!!) beach
Behind the scenes

The finished product...


  1. The appaloosa seems less than impressed with it all. And no Teddy in the shots? ;)

    1. The appaloosa was gorgeous and looked just like Chloe's American Girl horse so it was a treat. No Teddy, too much of a handful!


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