Just Write Already

Tonight I've been thinking about creativity and how incredibly intimidating it can be. Ron and I talked today about how, as you get older, that naïveté that made it easy to jump is replaced by a hyper awareness of just how many times everything has been done before. I've been a bit stalled lately with this blog, and I think this is the reason. So much out there. So many blogs, so many people writing their lives, so many of them so much better at it than I am.

Usually if you ask the question, eventually the answer shows up. Sometimes quickly.

Thanks to Facebook and Marisa Murgatroyd, I found out about creative commons searches on Flickr today, and how to find great free photos to use here. I've been purchasing stock photos when I haven't had an appropriate personal image to use, and not being a huge fan of stock (understatement, that one) it's not been the best solution. This seems much better, and in my search tonight for something to illustrate this post with, I came across scores of amazing photos of journals. So many beautiful ones, each a little different. Not better or worse, just different.

And there, I believe, it is. We're each just one little voice. But together, we're so much more.

Here's to my small, quiet voice. And to theirs. And to yours. 

CC Two Pink Possums
Day 4
CC knittinandnoodlin

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