Teddy | Mischief

It's been a week of trying to get our feet on solid ground with one large puppy named Teddy. Just when we thought we had the combination of Grandma, Camp Bow Wow and Visiting Dog Whisperer dialed in, Teddy-Mischief managed to injure his muzzle and then continue to keep slicing it back open again, with blood. Which means that instead of fun but wrestling-heavy doggy day care, he's home...in a cone.

More juggling for us.

One of these days I'll have the energy to write about something other than this growing whirlwind of a puppy, but for now, a quick video. Because that's how I roll at the moment:)

Hope you have a terrific week. Without too much mischief.


  1. I love, love, love reading your blogs. I may not get time to comment, but I often find amusement after a long tiring day (puppy love), a new way to do things (I'm still hung up on your scrap booking ideas), or things that deserve deep thought (raising a daughter while you work in an industry that can be very tough on women). Keep doing what you do because in the end, you don't do it for me or any one else...you do it for yourself.

    1. Thank you Heather. It's a good reminder...you are right, this is something I do for me, ultimately, and that is enough:)


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