Camp Bow Wow | Can You Say Halleluliah?

So, puppyness. Puppyness is lots of things, including cute and fun and all kinds of wonderful.

But, also, let's be honest here, hard! Puppies are basically toddlers with sharp teeth who are more than happy to eat things that will kill them, fall into your pool and drown while your back is turned, or just tear up everything in your house.

Meanwhile, you do still need to go to work.

We've been jigsawing things together with a lot of help from my Mom because Teddy can't be in his crate alone for more than four hours and then he really needs a good couple of hours out, actively(!) before he can go back in and nap for a couple of hours more. This is not conducive to any sort of work life for humans. This past week we started bringing in a great lady we met through puppy school to handle two days a week, which has worked out well, but honestly, it's still only two hours. I have been going a little crazy trying to figure out a solution.

Today, she says with all kinds of thankfulness, the puppy help fairy descended in the guise of a little Elk Grove business named Camp Bow Wow. Halleluliah!

This place is exactly what we needed. Lots of dogs to play with, nice people to give attention to our little guy, and as a bonus, live web cams so I can spy on Teddy throughout the day and see that he's happy. Did I say Halleluliah already?

Picked him up after work and he was so tired out that he promptly jumped up on the couch and fell asleep. Several hours later, he's still mellow. This is nothing short of a miracle.

A tired puppy is a good puppy. Truer words, never.

Another bonus? These cute little "daycare" reports from his first day...with pictures.

What's not to love?

NowThisLife.com - Teddy - Camp Bow Wow Elk Grove

NowThisLife.com - Teddy - Camp Bow Wow Elk Grove

And, in case that wasn't enough happiness for one day, our first bloom is officially here.

NowThisLife.com - Betty Boops

Happy Friday:)

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