Mother's Day Gratitude

This Mother's Day I am grateful for...

The giggling, shrieking, swimming pool full of girls this afternoon at our house.

The sleepy, stretched out, softly snoring puppy at my feet.

My husband who, upon seeing my desperate need for some alone time this morning, rose to the occasion by loading girl and dog into the car for an impromptu trip to Discovery Park. And even better, sent me videos of them having a wonderful time, so exactly what I needed.

That my girl can forgive my yelling at her this morning (before that much needed quiet time.)

A wonderful trip to Yosemite Wolf Camp this last week. How lucky I am that I was able to take the time off to be with Chloe and share such an amazing adventure.

My mom, who I can always count on for her unconditional love. I'm not sure how our family would manage without her constant help and support.

Ettore's Chocolate mouse cake. Books on the Kindle. Favorite music on my phone. Poetic facebook posts and sweet Mother's Day greetings from friends. A little garden time trimming roses. The gift vase of flowers on our mantle. A quiet house ready to let go of the day.

And, mostly, a tall, lovely girl who gives the very best hugs on this earth.

Yosemite Dogwood

Happy Mother's Day.

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