Angel Dogs

There have been some enchanted dogs swooping into my life lately.

First Lottie Mae. Enough said.

Then, Daphne, a teensy chihuahua/pug mix puppy who caught my eye on an LA street. Turned out she was a rescue, from a very bad breeder, in need of a home. I had a wonderful time petting her and chatting with her foster mom, and getting my fill of puppy kisses. I do believe that puppy breath is pretty much one of my most favorite things in this world. I was scheming in my heart to bring her back on the plane with us, but my practical side, and my promise to Chloe, won out. There is no room for a six pound (at full size!) little munchkin in our rough and tumble household. That cutie pie was in caring hands and I sent her off with kisses and wishes.

NowThisLife.com - Rescue Dog - Daphne

Today, Jessie wandered into our lives. This gorgeous boxer followed one of Ron's coworkers back to the office...found dog flyers plastered up, vet visited for microchip scan (none, and no collar either), and then Jessie rode in the back seat of Ron's car to our house for the night. If it is possible to fall in love with a dog in one afternoon, we certainly did it. This boy is a love...the absolutely sweetest personality, all sloppy kisses and sit on your lapness in a body that looks so much like Gracie. As he played with Kayla, I felt like Gracie had come back home. We all had a little fantasy of keeping this charmer, and certainly would have if his family hadn't quickly claimed him. When his owner's son called him to the car, Jessie ran back into our front door and clearly wanted to stay. I think our house full of treats, dog toys, a trip to the park to meet the neighbors, Kayla, and all of our hugs must have felt pretty fine. We all got a little teary eyed as Jessie drove away.

NowThisLife.com - Jessie

I believe that these dogs are showing up because our Kayla is getting ready to leave us. She's been steadily losing weight, drinking excessive amounts of water, and having accidents in the house because of all that fluid. Last night, the vet diagnosed her with cancer. Today I took her back in to talk about options, and because of all of her other health issues, along with her advanced age, we decided to just do what we can to treat the symptoms and make the time she has left the best it can be. No matter how old they are, and Kayla is fourteen this month, it's always too soon.

Tonight, Jessie's visit was truly a gift. Kayla perked up and played with him, and in the little bit of time we spent together he gave us so much joy. We had all forgotten just how happy a young healthy dog can make us.

All of these beautiful dogs have delivered their message to us...life continues. Kayla will pass on, and we will miss her and Gracie forever, but another dog will come into our lives and we will love again, fully and joyfully. And while I want Kayla to be with us as long as she is happy and able to enjoy her life, I also look forward to opening our hearts to another in the long line of dogs that I have loved.

Whoever you are, next dog of our hearts, I can't wait to meet you.


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