We've been making clothes for McKenna. That sewing machine I got for my sixteenth birthday? Working just fine thank you.

Ron and I have a peculiar passion for model home visiting. Love looking for those special qualities that make a home work and when we find one that's special, it's like uncovering treasure. A bonus--the great backdrops for photo taking. Then there is going home at the end and remembering, again, how much I love the home we have. This particular day, Chloe wore her new dress and knee high boots and looked scarily grown up. In an Austin Powers mod sort of way.

Summer means finding things for kids to do to keep busy. The Sacramento Food Coop's summer camp is high on my list of recommendations. Passionate chefs teaching kids how to cook and eat real food with a different theme each day...Hawaiian, Italian, Mexican. They also spend a little time learning a dance from each part of the world. Picture this: twenty kids doing the hula to "Bad Romance." That image alone is worth the week! I ate a lovely sample of their fresh raspberry tiramisu, and even better, relished all the smiling proud faces as the kids served their parents their handmade creations.

Homemade strawberry shortcake from the cooking school recipe. Real whipped cream is nothing like Reddi Whip. It's like grocery tomatoes versus ones picked from your yard. No comparison.

The pool is perfect. Especially when it's 106.

It's been a very good year for the basil. I've never had one grow to such luxuriousness. The bees are thrilled; while I took this photo three different kinds burrowed themselves in ecstasy in these blossoms.

Ah, summer. I do love you.


  1. Love, love, love hearing about the food camp! I wonder if there is something like that in Denver?! Iris is young still, but it's good to start researching now. We already like to take her out to the garden to help harvest the veggies and feed our chickens; but seeing the cooking process from a professional chef is such a cool way to grasp "farm to table."

    the Reverie blog

    1. It really is a wonderful camp. I would love to have chickens but I think with dogs it would be a disaster! Have to settle for farmers market eggs. Glad you enjoyed the post...thank you for commenting.

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