As much as I love my family and my friends, some of my favorite times are the ones I spend alone. I am so much at peace within my solitude. My whole body relaxes, I exhale. There is a sense of well being that enters and surrounds me, a lightness. It really doesn't matter what I am doing, it's just the aloneness that counts. I think it's very much about not having to be anything for anyone; not having to play any type of role; not having to worry about or please anyone but myself. Being able to turn off that outside stimulus is so nice.

This sounds a bit selfish, but it's the way I recharge, refuel, and then emerge ready to give again. Without the time to myself, my fuse shortens, my mouth tightens, my loving sense of well being disappears. And then I've got nothing positive to share with anyone. 

It's part of being Chandra. Something I need to accept and embrace and not feel guilty about. It's no different for me than air and food and water. A necessity. Like breath.

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  1. I think some solitude is necessary for all of us. Many people don't stop long enough to realize it. I've learned to value this more as I've gotten older. You're a smart woman, Chandra! xo


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