Everything To Me

Ten years ago I was very, very pregnant and counting the days until Chloe arrived. So much growth, laughter, tears, love. So many snuggles and hugs.

Here I am the mom of an almost ten year old who is nearly five feet tall, with a waterfall tangle of brown waves, long long legs, a goofy grin, adorable freckles across her nose. A girl full of songs and dances and exuberance. A girl whose emotions are always close to the surface, who loves hard, who cries hard, who feels this life fully.

The baby who grew under my heart is now a completely different creature. And, oh, I love her so. More than that beautiful newborn, that impish toddler, that cutie pie five year old. She is more and more herself each year and that is everything to me.

Happy Mother's Day!

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